New Partner: AlaskaNor welcomes ARCT - A Dialogue and Mapping Tool for Stakeholder Engagement

ARCT, a stakeholder engagement and decision support tool to manage regulatory compliance and local expectations, is joining AlaskaNor.

AlaskaNor is happy to announce a new partnership and welcomes the ARCT dialogue and mapping tool for stakeholder engagement as a new partner.

ARCT™ is a unique method and mapping tool to involve stakeholders in the cross-road between society, environment and business. At the same time, ARCT is a practical and repeatable way to report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The development of ARCT™ is led by ARCT AS’s Founder and Project Manager Karin Berentsen.

“I look forward to work on Alaska issues again with the AlaskaNOR project and to demonstrate how a digital tool like ARCT could be useful in the process to engage and visualize how stakeholders can help align learnings and projects between Alaska and Norway.”

ARCT’s decision support lays in a methodical approach and helps users visualize and find the best solution for their stakeholder engagement processes. The tool is very flexible and adapts easily to all project types, size and location. For more information, visit the tool's website:

The ARCT tool also enables the user to screen and score the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) per project which makes a project owner able to document how a project affects the UN SDGs based on the input from individual stakeholders.

Our Norwegian friends may check out this lø podcast where ARCT is interviewed about gamification – sorry, it is in Norwegian: Samfunnet betaler når business feiler   

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